Taru's games

Taru has already owned quite a lot of games, but because of limited space, she had to let some games go on to next owner, while searching for the most pleasing games for herself.

Currently Taru owns these games.
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Games that have already found a new owner:

Twilight Zone, Star Trek TNG and Indiana Jones. Click on image to enlarge.

Jack*Bot, Creature and Scared Stiff. Click on image to enlarge.

Fish Tales and Attack from Mars. Click on image to enlarge.

Taru's games are always in fine condition as well on the outside as the inside. So it pays to be careful when transporting the games, so that the cabinet does not get any dents or scratches. But being careful is not always enough, and so Taru made a protective bag from thick strong fabric. The bag prevents cabinet damage even if it hits doors or walls when moving.

Creature in a bag.