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Buying an Indiana Jones

Suomenkieliset sivut tästä !

Some people have a pinball game at home, not many have more than one games, and even less of those are women. But Taru discovered pinball in 2004, and after that her gameroom is filling up with all the greatest games. These sure aren't just any old games but truely nice machines, that Taru has then fixed into even better condition.

Taru has learned to make repairs herself, because even a well kept machine is sure to have problems some day. Not only repars, she can also handle restoring and touch up of playfields and cabinets. So all her games look really nice and work flawlessly.

Some ugly bearded guy is trying to disturb Taru's playing :)

Even if Taru never played pinball before getting her first own game, she has already so much experience, that in last spring SPO tournament she was the best woman player, and number 7 in the tournament! Not bad.

Taru's pinballs and other games

Tuning of games

Taru's repairs

Twilight Zone restoration

Taru's cars are as nice as her pinballs. This summer Fiat turns heads and makes smiles appear.