Taru found a Williams 1991 Hurricane for good price. Some parts are missing, for example circuit boards and display, but this will one day be a nice game again.

Cabinet is in decent shape.

And the playfield is not bad either.


The machine has been in storage for some time, without playfield glass. And the playfield was really dirty. Fortunately almost no wear at all! After careful cleaning, this will be a fine game.

First take the loose garbage off, then more thorough cleaning.

Some dust :)

The Ferris wheel may be a little sticky, because some minor dirt.

But under all that dirt, a nice and shiny surface was hiding.

Playfield shines as if it has never been played.

Some metal parts need polishing.

Really nice.

Underside of playfield looks great. No black dust or missing parts.

Cleaning is almost done, and now Taru must find the missing boards. She already got a display and CPU board, and the sound board and DMD driver board were in place already. So only thing that is missing now is the driver board. Oh yes, and the CPU board doesn't have the WPC ASIC. But I guess some day we will find those.


Taru has now put everything back together, and it sure looks great! After finding the boards, it is ready to play.

Playfield is like new.

Sure doesn't have many plays.

Looks good even with the lights off.


A working ASIC for the CPU board was found, thanks to Lasse :) and now finally also the driver board is working. This board had some water damage, with power on, resulting nasty burnt holes on board, but now it is fixed. Taru had already played Hurricane with a borrowed board from her Creature but now the green monster will be happy when he's getting his board back.

Epoxy covers the holes and ugly repairs :)


The game is now working solidly, and it is time to find a new happy owner for it.

Everythings OK!