Swords of Fury


Swords of Fury is a Williams game from 1988 and uses the System-11 technology.

Being over 20 years old, the game is naturally a little worn, but not so badly that some skillful handling wouldn't make it look nice again.

Playfield mylar is a little bit dim.

Playfield edges do not have Mylar, and the paint has some wear.

Playfield needs minor touch ups.

Upper playfield mylar is starting to peel off at the edges.

Backbox is OK but has some dents and paint scratches.

Speaker panel needs repainting.

Technically the game is in good condition, only needed new batteries (the installed batteries had a best before date of 2004...) and the german language ROMs were changed to English. One general illumination connector has overheated.

Playfield is cleaned and some paint applied. All rubbers and lamps are replaced with new.

And it sure shines!

Upper playfield mylar was taken off completely.

Mini playfield and challenging drop targets.

Backbox translite had some damage in upper left corner, it is now fixed along with some paint scratches.

Speaker panel looks good again.