Twilight Zone


Finally, Taru managed to make a deal on Twilight Zone, and the game that she had on loan for a while is now the latest nice addition to her fine collection. At the same time, it was Elvira's turn to continue forward, to next owner.

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Taru made a new Magna-Flip sign to replace the old broken one.

There are plenty of tuning tips and gear available for Twilight Zone, some of them look good and some maybe not so good. Taru's TZ already had the GUM-BALL door panel flashers added by previous owner. Now it was time for a little more visible add-on, a model rocketship on top of the Rocket Kicker. Rockets tail flashes orange light when ball shoots out of the kicker. This is a good looking add-on for Twilight Zone, and it fits so well into the game, that it is hard to believe it isn't factory installed.

A model rocket looks nice on the playfield.

Mirror backboard.

The rocketship looked so cool, that Taru decided to also install some other toys, a piano and a camera. I have always wondered why the Twilight Zone piano hole is called that, but with this addition there is no question.

Piano makes the game look even more great.

Camera LED's light in sync with the playfield Camera light.


The gumball machine looks a little bit empty, if there is nothing but pinballs. It gets better when the empty space is filled with plastic balls that look like real gumballs. Taru loaded her gumball machine, and this is how it looks like:

Loaded gumball machine