Silverball Mania


It is always good to keep eyes open and have a big truck with you while travelling. Just in case a nice pinball should pop up somewhere. Now a Bally 1980 Silverball Mania was found for Taru.

The cabinet has some spray paint fixes, with totally wrong color. But fortunately most of the cabinet is still original so it can be restored. Playfield has some wear, not bad for a game of this age. Taru will make a great machine out of it.

Playfield need some touching up.

Cabinet is painted...

The great backglass is unblemished.


The game had to wait almost half a year until Taru had enough space to assemble it and begin working. But now the repairs can start.

Minor wear on playfield.

Kevin O' Connor did a great job on the graphics. While we are waiting for the restoration pictures, here are some nice details of the backglass:

"Wizard" backglass shows names of designer Jim Patla and artist Kevin O' Connor.

I wonder what this reminds me of... :)

Some pretty spheres.

Amazed by the silver ball.


Taru has now finished the playfield touch-ups, and also fixed some problems in power supply board. The game plays fine, and it is sure worth playing, everything works like new!

Top playfield has no wear marks left at all.

Also mid playfield lamp inserts look like new.

Not bad at all!