Taru had restored a Demolition Man, that she then swapped for a nice 1995 Jack*Bot.

Click on image to enlarge.

A ten year old game that has spent most of its life in route, does not look like new, of course. It gets bumps and dents in the hands of players, and also from the various anti-theft bars installed by operator. This was also the case in Jack*Bot that Taru recently bought. But in the hands of a skilled person, even a badly damaged game will be restored into original looks. And I must admit, Taru has done a great job!

Lower part of backbox has a large piece missing.

Anti theft bar's mounting bracket is mounted without sparing the cabinet.

And the same in other side.

Besides the mounting hole, also paint has been stripped away.

Problem areas have been sanded.

Hole is plugged with a wood plug and the surface is made even with filler.

Backbox corner is sanded and filled.

You can barely notice the fixups.

Destroyed image is sketched on the filling.

Looks like a great success!

Only slight difference in color shows that Ms. Pinbot's leg has been restored.

And the fingers dont look homemade, either.

Even if the cabinets condition does not affect game playing, a pinball machine is a piece of furniture and should be nice looking. If I happen to get a badly damaged game, by these pictures I will surely know who to ask for help.

Time for some test playing.